About Us


Happy healthy pets require ​proper nutrition for long life!  What you choose to feed will have a huge impact on how healthy your pet will be and could impact how long your pet will live! 

We know you love your pet and only want the best for it, yet sadly. many misinformed people are harming their pets everyday by feeding dangerous chemicals, unnecessary fillers and animal byproducts in everyday grocery store brand pet foods and treats.​

We love pets too, and we started Dorchester Pet Care & Supply because of the shocking information we found through researching pet food for our own pets!

To be honest, we want to help and are thrilled to offer any guidance and direction, regardless if you make a purchase or not.  We just want to do our part so we can see pets live longer healthier lives. 

​​Please stop in for a free coffee and we will be happy to talk to you about your "best friend's" nutritional requirements, and don't forget to bring along your furry 4 legged friend, we love to meet them!


Jennifer Nuyens

Owner, Operator, Pet Lover