Rawz Canned Cat Food - 96% Turkey & Turkey Liver Pate 5.5 oz

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96% Meat

As with people, hydration is a fundamental property of good health. Some animals need moisture added to their diets, while some just prefer the taste and texture of wet food. RAWZ always strives to provide an alternative to highly-processed ingredients, which is why we replaced commercial gums with Fenugreek Seeds. Our 96% Meat Recipes offer your pet the healthy hydration they crave, without the use of manufactured gums and fillers.



INGREDIENTS: TurkeyTurkey LiverTurkey BrothPotassium ChlorideFenugreek SeedsNatural FlavorCholine ChlorideSaltVegetable BrothDandelion GreensTaurineZinc ProteinateIron ProteinateNiacin SupplementVitamin E SupplementCopper ProteinateSodium SeleniteThiamine MononitrateManganese ProteinateVitamin A SupplementCalcium PantothenateRiboflavin SupplementPyridoxine HydrochlorideBiotinVitamin D3 SupplementVitamin B12 SupplementEthylenediamine DihydroiodideFolic Acid.

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